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Wedding Times – When to Wed

Time-to-marryWedding Times vary with most Brides. Let’s discuss some ideas to consider when planning your wedding which will help you in your vendor choice, ease of travel for out of town guests, and potentially help with your budget.

We will start the discussion on Wedding times with the day of the week to wed. The most popular day of the week to wed (by far) is Saturday. Almost 50% of all weddings occur on a Saturday. One reason for this is the ease of travel for out of town guests. Keeping this in mind, this is the highest price time for vendors as well as highest demands on their time, so the good ones will book up fast. Alternatives to Saturdays are Friday (about 18% of weddings are on Fridays) and Sunday (about 10%of Weddings occur on Sunday). One note about Sundays-you will have more issues with the ceremony location if your wedding is a religious based due to Sunday Services as well as availability of clergy (this is their busiest day of the week!). Fridays are also one of the busiest travel days of the week (business travel fills the airports). Many vendors take off Mondays (their weekends are Sunday/Monday because they work most Saturdays), so it may be difficult getting all of the many professionals together for your day. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are much more available. If you go into your wedding with some budget difficulties, then negotiate with the vendors for getting an “off day” wedding. Suggest that you want it on a Saturday, but would they give you a better price if you booked on an off day like Thursday or Wednesday. Most will as they cannot double book their services and will gain an extra gig for that week.(please keep in mind that this does not apply for Florists, Dress Shops and the like).

The most popular months for Wedding times are June, May and August. this may be different based upon where you live (My wife and I were married in October because we live in Florida and Florida in June is terribly hot). If you have an outside ceremony or reception, develop a plan “B” in case of inclimate weather. Better yet, plan on a time of year when you can better predict the weather. Use the internet to search weather trends for the time of year and place where you are having your wedding.

Wedding times for special events (New Years, Valentines Day, 7/7/2007 and more) book up fast and also have to compete with the obvious alternatives (florists’ busiest day of the year is Valentines Day, reception centers book up for New Years, etc…). These time will also cost you more and may or may not be extra stress on your guests.

Wedding Times can be as different as the Bride and groom. Keep in mind these figures and you will customize your day to what it needs to be.


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