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Wedding Planning – The Beginning Stages

Wedding Planning – The Beginning StagesFor anyone who’s ever been engaged or gotten married, you know that after the engagement celebrating is over with, the real work begins. Planning a wedding can be both stressful and fun, but with a few tips, we’ll try to make you job a little easier.

Set the date or pick a venue. Depending on which one is more important to you, you may have a certain time that you want or can get married (summer time, between work schedules, etc.) – in this case, you’ll want to set the date first. However if you’re more concerned with the location or venue of your wedding, then you’ll want to call and see what is available. Remember you might have to be flexible on the date, if the location is set in stone.

Tip #1 : When deciding on the wedding date or venue, there are a couple things that can make it more affordable and easier to plan. First, if you want a summer-style wedding with summer flowers or fresh fruits and vegetables, then don’t plan your wedding in October or November – you can pay up to twice as much for the flowers and food that aren’t in season.

Tip #2 : If you’re interested in creating an entirely unique venue, you might decide on a venue that is a blank canvas (like a park or hotel), but just remember that starting from scratch can be time consuming and pricey if you don’t have a wedding coordinator. Plus locations that are set-up for weddings may have connections or deals with local caterers and florists which can make the prices lower.

These are just a couple things to brainstorm when you’re planning your special day. Once you’ve picked a wedding venue or set the date, the next step will be planning your wedding budget.


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