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Wedding Photos and Videos

Wedding Photos and VideosIt is very important to capture the golden moments of your wedding day. Years after the wedding, you will look at the old wedding photographs and video albums and reminisce about the day you tied the knot.

  • It is always advisable to hire skilled professionals for the job and not an amateur friend, though you can always use your own camera too.
  • Before making a selection and a booking, you can sit and chat with the photographer and the videographer about your expectations and have a look at their portfolio and work samples.
  • Ask for references from the photographer to gather feedback on his work.
  • Discuss and decide how many functions you want the photographer to cover. Look for the package options which can be cost effective.
  • Do internet research for good wedding photographers in Delhi.
  • Ensure that modern and sophisticated equipment is used for video coverage. Often guests can be blinded by strong yellow light from traditional lighting equipment. Also, too many wires hanging all over the wedding venue does not look good.


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