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Wedding Photos: A Photographer’s Perspective

A Photographer’s PerspectiveBrides often ask themselves whether it’s better to take wedding photos before or after the wedding ceremony – however we’ve interviewed several wedding photographers and here’s what they have to say on the issue…

Modern myth: Brides don’t want to see the groom before the wedding ceremony. The reality is that no matter what seeing the groom for the first time is a special moment which can be captured by photography, but waiting until after the ceremony to take wedding photos can be rushed and stressful. As if your wedding day doesn’t fly by fast enough, your wedding photos are NOT something you want to skip over. The number one regret of brides is that they wish they would have gotten more OR better quality wedding photos. In fact, brides nowadays are even opting for two wedding photographers instead of one just to ensure they get the photo memories captured.

Photographers recommend that the majority of the wedding photos are taken BEFORE the ceremony. There are lots of reasons for this, including not making guests wait too long at the reception while the couple takes their wedding photos. Another is running out of time or daylight when photos are being taken, or trying to track down important wedding party members for photos after the cocktail hour has begun. It can be extremely difficult if the wedding ceremony and reception are at two different locations and some of the wedding party has left for the reception before the photos are finished.

Most photographers recommend taking most wedding photos before the ceremony with plenty of time allowed for taking all the photos requested by the bride and groom – However, if you are completely set on NOT seeing the groom beforehand, photographers still recommend getting all the photos done that do NOT require both the bride and groom together, such as family photos, bride and bridesmaids or groom and groomsmen– then take ONLY the bride and groom photos after the ceremony and allow time for guests to mingle before the reception starts without much dead time so guests do not have to wait longer than necessary.

For more great wedding photography ideas, check back next week and there will be more wedding tips from the wedding professionals and WeddingTrendista.com!


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