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Tent and Furniture

wedding-marquee-wales2If you have an outdoor venue for the wedding, it is always a good idea to rent a tent.

  • A tent will take care of any unexpected changes in weather and also provide a cost-effective way to organize a charming wedding.
  • These days tents can be modern and contemporary in design. They often come in a complete package with chandeliers and several canopies. The tent´s design and colour can be coordinated with wedding themes. Unlike the gaudy striped tents of earlier days, wedding tents come in expensive and delicate materials and can be draped in several ways.
  • Theme or no theme, you can arrange for Moroccan tents, Arabian tents, rugged safari tents, even silk and zari tents with matching conceptual furniture. You need to explore the Delhi markets for different options. The wedding flowers, decorations, linen and furniture selected have to be in tasteful harmony with the outdoor tent setting.
  • Also pay extra attention to the lighting arrangements inside the tent. Illumination can be used innovatively with various effects to enhance the mood and spirit.
  • Tents can be customized to any size. Once you have an idea of the number of guests to be invited, order a size of tent accordingly. You could opt for multiple smaller tents or a single large tent depending on how you plan to execute the whole event.


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