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Set a Wedding Budget and get all the things you want

wedding fundSetting a wedding budget is easy, staying within the wedding budget is difficult. We will teach you some ideas to get everything you want and prioritize your wants.

Step #1. Sit down in a quiet place with pen and paper and write down everything you want. I recommend that you do this at a local library. Before you became engaged, you had a bunch of ideas of how your wedding day would fold out. Now is the time to put down your plans on paper.

Once you have written out everything you want (be sure to include everything from the ring to the honeymoon-even the things that traditionally you won’t take care of), write them down in priority.

After you have a prioritized list of most important through to least important, draw a line in between the items that separate what you absolutely need and the items that you want. Once you have done this, draw a line between the items you want and the items which would be nice to have. It is okay if you change your mind or add a few items to your priority list.

After you have your list prioritized and separated, start working on the top part of the list, what I call the “must” haves. Spend 80% of your time on the 80% that matters most. Many times, Brides will inverse this and spend 20% of their times on the most important items. By Prioritizing your items before you set your budget, you will better be able to set a limited budget as opposed to the typical open end wedding budget.

Step #2. Do your preliminary shopping. this is where you spend several hours on the phone getting prices on your “must” list. Once you have this part of the list accomplished, you can spend your time on the less important items.

Step #3. Now that you have a better knowledge of the cost of these items (remember-if you are like most Brides, you have never spent $1500 on flowers or $4000 on photography for a single purpose and so on), you may need to also re-adjust your priority list. Money can straighten out priorities, so don’t worry if you have to change a bit.

Step #4. Time to set your budget. You will be better equipped to do this now because you have a deeper knowledge as well as priorities.

You have several options with you budget, but keep in mind that you want to keep things in perspective. This is the one day that you will spend on average $2000 for a dress you will only wear once, for example. You will also need to communicate with your fiancé and anyone else who is involved with the wedding who is contributing financially (Please see the button on the home page “Wedding Party communication”)


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