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Pick out your wedding songs and wedding music for your reception

1stDance2Picking out wedding songs and wedding music for your special day is a fun part of Stress Free Wedding Planning.
The first thing you need to choose is your First Dance song. This is the traditional first time that you will dance together as Husband and Wife. I have linked a very good site below that lists several of the most popular songs out there (in case you don’t have a song already picked out)

First Wedding Songs

If you are looking for the right wedding music for your reception there are thousands of songs to choose from. Keep in mind that the average song is 4 minutes long and the average reception is 3 hours long. That gives you somewhere 40-45 songs to play. If you give your DJ or Band a list of 40 songs, it will be hard for them to read the crowd and get the party going or slow it down depending upon the night.

Be sure to check with your DJ/Band about the following items: -do they have a demo video? -How many weddings have they performed at? -Can they show you how they handle the crowd (bad requests, drunk guests, etc…) -What is their format for the night? (when will we cut the cake, do the toast, toss the bouquet, etc…) -Can they work well with a wedding planner (if you have one)?


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