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More on Themed weddings – a rant

alternative wedding dresses-onlineA punked-out country ragtime hippie medievil disco
That’s got to be the best headline for a themed wedding rant I’ve read in ages. The bride, a Canadian, writes:

“Yes, I have been tossing glasses full of cranberry-coloured contempt onto white weddings. That’s because I find the traditional trappings of weddings obnoxious, nauseating, and frankly, an insult to feminism. I am not, however, opposed to marriage itself. Granted, a decade ago, I couldn’t imagine myself getting married. Now that I’ve found someone worth fusing my life with, I quite like the idea of joining our paths officially. What I’m trying to figure out is how to do it an unconventional way that will show our friends a good time, and be in line with our tastes and beliefs”.

She then catalogues how people’s lifestyles may determine their wedding theme, from punk kids moshing in Ozzy look-alikes, to rural folk decorating a barn. Not much originality there – but her nightmares of a swing dance theme, where no guests know to dance to a ’70s party awash in BeeGees to her FH’s idea of a Bridget Jones tarts and vicars theme (“Sigh. Dirty-minded men. This idea is way out of line with my vision of a pro-feministic alternative wedding”) show how the trend for thematic content, from steampunk to starwars, is overtaking the simple idea of a good party.

If your closet already is full of bridesmaid’s dresses you hope you can wear to semi-formal weddings as a guest, just imagine the drag of making your guests put together another Halloween costume for your theme. Nobody has that much clothes budget, or that much time to go to Value Village and the SallyAnn looking for props. Our advice? Unless you are ALL members of the Society for Creative Anachronism (see our reworked Secular Medieval Wedding ceremony) or StarWars Celebration geeks, limit the theme to food, favors and music. Let those who will, join in. Don’t make your grandma dress up (especially if you’re having a steampunk wedding – my grandmother REMEMBERS real corsets). Do what one of OUR couples did. Add little touches to your ceremony (the march from StarWars for the bridal procession). Put little inside hints in the wording of your vows. Make some some funky favors as keepsakes for those in the know.

Then run away to your theme paradise with just the TWO of you, and fantasy party to you heart’s content. Our bride took bits of her original wedding dress and sewed them into her complete Padme wedding costume, and they had a second wedding at a convention. Bliss.


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