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Top 10 Tips and Ideas from the Royal Wedding

wedding-party-planner-in-delhi-ncr-3es-events-Favim.com-2651769We all watched that special moment when Lady Catherine and Prince William solemnly swore to love each other for better or worse… But, the long standing fascination with royalty isn’t just for the Brits – everyone can use their ‘royal’ ideas when planning their special day. Keep reading for our top 10 wedding ideas inspired by the “Royal Wedding”.

Prince William and Lady Catherine

The happy couple

  1. Start early – although many people trend towards an afternoon or evening affair, you can spend more time celebrating with the ones you love most by starting in the morning. Think AM ceremony followed by a large brunch, short break, more intimate cocktail hour and dinner and dancing the night away!
  2. Royal Style – even though the most popular dress style is strapless, take it from Kate – sleeves and lace can be just as flattering as any strapless dress! Plus having sleeves or straps can be both practical and on many shapes and sizes.
  3. Costume Change – Combining the above 2 ideas and what do you get? Well with a short break between celebrating and a more traditional gown for your ceremony, there can be only one thing missing – a dress change…Having two gowns can allow you to satisfy both your timeless and trendy sides. Find something a little sassier for your evening celebration and stun your guests with your excellent style!
  4. Go big or go home! No we’re not talking about money…A tradition practiced more in Europe is starting with a large guest list for the ceremony, fewer guests for a brunch, a smaller group for cocktails and dinner and so on and so forth. Just be cautious how you word this on your invites, it’s not as widely accepted in the US and may not work for every situation.
  5. Keep it techie – staying on top of your wedding website is just one of the things that Wills and Kate did well. Keep your guests informed on the schedule and events and things will naturally run smoother.
  6. Request a dress code – politely of course…Don’t be afraid to state a dress code on the invitations. This will keep the formality clear (besides – everyone wants an excuse to dress up once in a while!) and make the theme more cohesive.
  7. Rent a carriage. If it’s possible in your area, check around to see if there is a carriage for rent. Depending on the season and style of your wedding, it may be the perfect touch.
  8. Make a grand exit. Although it may not be a tradition for many people, especially those who want to stay and party-it-up – but leaving before the last dance of the night can save you many headaches and allow you and your new husband/wife to enjoy the honeymoon suite or just to get some sleep before the post celebration breakfast the day after.
  9. An all-white wedding. Yes, this is daring and takes just the right personality, but using white flowers, bridesmaid dresses and cake can be a classy alternative.
  10. Customizing old traditions. Yes, you can still have a traditional wedding but add your own modern touches. Take lessons from William and Kate – personalizing the vows, a few less ‘mandatory’ guests and a few more ‘intimate friends’, as well as favorite foods, desserts and cake are just a few ways the happy couple made their wedding special for them.


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