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Getting Started with Wedding Trendista!

Getting StartedAs you may have noticed, Wedding Trendista is a new and upcoming wedding dress site featuring gorgeous gowns by designers from around the world. We are working on making it simple and easy to use and if you have any questions for us, please feel free to let us know. In case you were wondering, here is a brief background of how WeddingTrendista.com came to be.

Weddings have always been a fascination for me, ever since I was 3 years old watching my mother custom design and construct wedding gowns for brides. I instantly began helping in any way I could (which wasn’t much besides staying out of the way) but I was able to watch women step into beautiful white gowns that made them glow and sparkle. There was always an aura about brides and I knew that “the dress” was a huge part of that. When I turned 8 years old and was preparing for my first communion in the spring, my mother allowed me to design my own dress – a white gown with beautiful ruffles, basque waist, and lace and beads came to my mind. After that, I was hooked and wedding dresses and still am to this day.

Gradually my passion (or obsession) with wedding dresses grew into a passion for everything related to weddings: decor, bridesmaid dresses, flowers, cakes, etc., etc. I feel so strongly about weddings that I feel each and every bride should be able to have her very OWN dream wedding come true, and finding her dream wedding dress at an affordable price, is just one way to accomplish that. I feel each bride should find a gown that complements not only her style, but her body type and wedding fantasy as well.

My education that focused in fashion and fine arts have led me to create WeddingTrendista.com. However, I feel that it should be more than just a place to buy and sell your used wedding dresses, but a valuable planning resource for brides (which is partly why I started this blog). Sharing years of wedding research and tips, as well as advice from other wedding professionals and brides, is one way I hope to make your planning go easily and smoothly. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to contact.

Have a wonderful day!


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