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Flowers are indispensable in any marriage ceremony. Floral beauty, fragrance and colour add romance and extra cheer to the visual backdrop of the occasion.

  • You can arrange for flowers through your wedding planner.
  • If you are organising the wedding yourself, you need to find a good florist to supply the flowers on the wedding day, and a good floral designer to design beautiful bouquets and arrangements. You can enquire if your florist can take up the complete task. Delhi is full of good florists, designers and decorators!
  • Though many flowers are available all the year round, pick the blossoms that will be in season when you are getting married if you want an inexpensive deal. While many types of flowers are available year round, you will get the best price on in-season flowers. In the first two weeks of February, flower costs soar for Valentine’s Day.
  • Communicate your choice of flowers and colours to the florist. You can get recommendations for florists from friends and family.
  • Try using your own ideas and inspiration from magazines and the internet for flower arrangements and decorations.
  • most-beautiful-wedding-cakes-2012-613Flowers can be used on the wedding stage and in the reception area for chair decorations, centerpieces on tables, on the buffet table, on the entryway, at the bar and so on. The decorations on the tables should not be too big: the guests need to be able to see and talk across the table!
  • You don´t have to use flowers in every corner, but only at important places and in the most visible areas. Don´t forget to use lots of greenery along with the floral décor to get the desired effect.
  • Be sure to get everything in writing from your florist so that there are no last-minute surprises and the deal doesn´t end up over-shooting your budget.
  • Get in touch with the wedding venue co-coordinators to ascertain if any other weddings are occurring at the same venue. If so, you may be able to co-ordinate in sharing the flowers.
  • If there is a lot of vacant space to be filled, you could also look at renting large potted plants.
  • Most importantly, the flower colour you select should gel with the overall ambience and color-scheme of the venue and other decorations.
  • Make sure that you don´t opt for allergenic flowers: you wouldn´t want to watch your guests sneezing away in discomfort.
  • If you hire a wedding planner, they will be able to get cheap deals for you on wholesale flower purchases.
  • If reducing costs is a priority, give your florist general guidelines on colours and preferred flowers, but allow her the freedom to choose the blooms that are cheapest that week.
  • You can also save by only using fresh flowers for the table centerpieces, but silk flowers elsewhere.


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