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Entertainment and Music

Music plays a very important role in weddings. Every region and culture has special music and folk songs associated with its wedding ceremonies. As far as Delhi is concerned, no Delhi Wedding would be complete without a DJ playing Bollywood dance numbers and a music band playing in Baraat. Then there is always the traditional element of a Shehnai and folk sangeet needed to add the sparkle to the shine. There is a lot of thinking you can put into entertainment ideas:

  • stage6There are many wedding entertainment service providers in Delhi. You can hire a DJ or even a local band for live music according to your choice and budget.
  • A popular new trend is inviting Bollywood stars that are available for a fee to dance at a wedding. So, depending on your budget, it would be a good idea to include some wedding entertainment.
  • Wedding games, which your wedding planner can organise for you, can be great entertainment.
  • You can be innovative and organize a magic show for the kids at the wedding and karaoke sessions for adults
  • You can also hire professional dancers, performers and artists to add to the festive spirit and get your guests in the mood for fun and celebration.
  • Ceremonial songs can be instrumental, adding a classical touch. You can select the instruments, music and songs based on the theme and essence of the different occasions and ceremonies at the wedding.


The basic idea of Wedding Entertainment is to create a cheerful ambience by adding melody and rhythm. It is up to you how far you want to go, whether you are happy with a DJ or want a complete Wedding Musical Carnival. Just make sure that you plan it well and execute it in style!


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