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Doing it yourself

You can certainly plan, coordinate and execute the whole wedding with the help of family and friends. Make sure that the people involved in planning the wedding are able to devote their time to the occasion.

mzl.wfknmqcePlan right from the beginning: The most appropriate time to start planning is as soon as the wedding date is fixed. First of all, you need to visualise how exactly you see the wedding happening. You also need to prioritise the various elements of a wedding according to their significance to you.


Plan a budget: Prepare a list of guests to be invited. This will give you an idea in planning a feasible wedding budget. Also keep a certain amount aside for unforeseen expenses, for instance setting up canopies at a farmhouse function in case it rains suddenly.


Delegate tasks: Prepare a to-do list and a workable plan with mini-goals and deadlines. Don´t overload yourself: delegate responsibilities to friends and family accordingly.


Take references: Get in touch with people who recently had a wedding in Delhi, and take references for service providers for catering, wedding decorations, music, transportation, etc.

Internet research: Research on the internet for various service providers available locally. Many websites have reviews / feedback for these service providers.


Negotiate: Shortlist multiple vendors for a particular service and negotiate prices down on the best deal.


Wedding vendors: Try to decide on wedding vendors such as caterers, florists, and decoratorsin plenty of time to avoid any last-minute hassles.


Go for quality: There are many inexperienced service providers available, who might offer their services for a cheap price. Do not hire a service vendor just because he is cheap: you cannot afford any mistakes on such an important day.

Book in Advance: Once you´ve finalised your vendors for the wedding, book them in advance, and communicate your expectations and ideas across very clearly.


Complete the paperwork: Avoid any last minute problems due to incomplete paperwork. Also be very careful in reading terms and conditions of each service provider: you do not want any last-minute surprises on the wedding day.


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