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Destination Weddings Made Easy

When choosing the location of your wedding, you have a choice-Any where you want!. Destination Weddings have long been a selection that Brides have made. We will help you make that choice a little easier.

romantic-outdoor-garden-wedding-design-566644d1bb75cTypically when choosing the location of your wedding, you have a special place in mind which is special to the both of you. This place can be a hometown to either of you or simply a fantastic place to get married (i.e. the beach, Hawaii, or Disney). Here are some simple ideas to help make your planning easier:

  1. Do as much as you can online. Use the internet for local searches of vendors and locations. Make phone calls and ask as many questions as possible to those vendors. Always end by asking “is there anything else I need to know”. You will be surprised at the “extra” information they give you. Check for typical weather conditions during the time of year that you will be getting married. Look up under Destination Weddings to start.
  2. Limit your choices to a maximum of three in each category. You will want to whttle down your choices to no more than three and preferably two in each category. This will become more apparent in step #3.
  3. Plan a trip for both you and your fiance to visit and talk with vendors. There are typically one stop shops that will take care of all your needs and plans. I still suggest that you meet face to face with them. In major cities and destinations like Hawaii and Las Vegas, these type of vendors will be abundant. In fact in Las Vegas the major hotels have their own wedding coordinators and in some cases you will have to use them. Check with each hotel for further details.
  4. Keep in contact with your vendors. Contact them one month out and one week out to make sure eveything is still online for your wedding. Keep them aware of any and all changes to itinerary or anything that will affect them.
  5. Plan on ariving early to go over everything one last time. In case of any problems, you will be in town to adjust those problems and fix them.
  6. Leave a key to your and your fiance’s place with a close friend or relative that will be coming out after you. This way, if you forget something important, they will be able to get it to you without any disasters.
  7. Arrange with a a close friend or relative to handle the return of tuxedos, rented dresses, mailing out gifts to your home, etc… the day after the ceremony. Thinking ahead on this step can save you time and money (i.e. UPS can come and pick up your gifts at your hotel if you have them packaged and ready to go-bring some extra boxes and packing material to package them.

Destination Weddings can be really cool and stress free. they are especially fun for the guests that get to go to a different place as well. Enjoy your planning and enjoy your wedding!


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