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No wedding is complete without elaborate decorations on the wedding stage, the entrance of the venue, the “vedi” or the “mandap” where the actual wedding ritual takes place. Since wedding decorations are the part of the wedding planning a wedding planner can do this job for you. On the other hand, if you want to do it all yourself, find below some useful tips:

  • Delhi is a city where you can find all kinds of price ranges depending on the quality and quantity of decoration you require.
  • nisies-enchanted-florist-orange-county-Brittany-and-Derrick-Pelican-Hill-Resort-wedding-1Besides flowers, you can look at placing balloons, lampshades, graffiti and candles at key places as decorative items. For instance, you can float wax-boat candles in a little pool or fountain.
  • You can also look at weaving the wedding décor around the theme. This will give you some idea of decorative items that can be picked up to add to the look. For instance, if the theme is “Love”, you can choose roses for flowers, red color for the main dÉcor, heart-shaped balloons, lots of ribbons and bows, and ushers dressed as cupids, etc.
  • To add to the creativity and personal touch, look at non-wedding stores for unique ideas and for saving on costs. You can target clearance sales and pick merchandise matching your theme.
  • Keep the weather conditions in mind on your wedding date while deciding on the theme of the wedding.


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