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Celebrity Weddings – How to survive them

Celebrity WeddingsCelebrity Weddings seem to be the stuff that dreams are made of. Maybe for those of us standing on the outside, but for those who are in the spotlight, fame adds more than a single layer of stress to their wedding planning.

The trend amongst celebrities who are getting married is to deny to all news outlets that they are indeed engaged. This can be a very wise Modus Operandi (mode of operation-a little Latin lingo for you). Think about it; they are normal people like any one else and in a regular situation getting married is hard. Think about a marriage that has everybody and their dog postulating about what the Bride will wear, how long the marriage will last, not to mention the rude comments that sometimes banter about simply to get noticed. (Celebrity weddings are great fodder for the gossip columns)

There are also Celebrities who get married for the free publicity. Famous nuptials have been known to get enough buzz swirling around their careers that it gives them a natural lift in their standing within the elite crowds. As I mentioned, not many things get noticed quite like a celebrity wedding.

I will give some simple advice to any who are in the public spotlight (local to internationally) to help them to ease their stress.

  1. Sign confidentiality agreements with everyone and anyone included in the wedding. This includes everyone up to (and sometimes) parents. If it is publicity or privacy you want, you will have to control it. Make sure that wedding vendors have their employees sign them as well. Consult an attorney whom you trust to write up this agreement and insist upon it.
  2. This wedding is about you and your fiancé. Keep this as your goal at all times. It is not about your agent, your studio, your boss or anyone else. Many will come to influence you and many who may benefit from your wedding will try to be the center of attention (unfortunately a few bad apples of wedding vendors have capitalized on celebrity weddings as it tends to make their stock go up).
  3. If you are trying to get the best for the least and making deals with wedding vendors in the process, understand that they are in the business to make money and if they make a deal with you, it is for publicity and getting their name out (it needs be fair for them also). You will sacrifice something along the way when you make deals like this, so be aware.
  4. Many a celebrity has had the privacy they desired, so if this is your goal, make it happen by keeping only a few close friends in the loop. Again, be cautious of who you tell as they may benefit from your fame for the moment. Many a celebrity has lost dear friends because they did not respect this issue with their famous friends. Communicate this directly so they fully understand and there cannot be any misunderstandings regarding your wishes. If you and they agree upfront to act in a certain manner, this will usually happen.
  5. Most people bring the thought of “what if I invited so and so to the wedding to help my career, status in an organization, etc…..”. Celebrity Weddings are not different and it is normal to think like this. Be cautious, though of who you invite and who you don’t invite. You know your circle of influence better than any one else. Good rule of Thumb-if either of you (Bride and Groom) says no-it’s a no.
  6. The extra arrangements will cost you extra as well as your fame may cost you extra. If you have a trusted friend, assistant or advisor, you may have them do some of the shopping for you so you don’t get ripped off by a greedy vendor. If you have price quotes from them they will usually honor them. It is hard for them to justify quoting one person one price for the same wedding service or product that they quote to a different price to a different person. Celebrity weddings are not a source of retirement for vendors.
  7. Keep it Simpler Star. Because of your fame and notoriety, you will have to keep things as simple as possible to be able to focus on the one main event-Marrying the person you love!. Celebrity weddings are not too different from regular weddings. Keep this as your goal. If you get married by a justice of the peace on a beach in the Keys or in a lavish Malibu ceremony, the main thing is you are publicly affirming your love to another and your commitment to them.

Enjoy your Day. Celebrity Weddings can be chaos or they can be a fun filled memorable day. Regular people usually don’t have helicopters overhead and people jumping out of the ocean to take their picture-so have fun with it! Remember your ultimate goal and you will make a beautiful memory!


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