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The wedding feast is of utmost importance as most people judge a wedding by the quality of food served. Since the food bill constitutes a major part of the wedding expenses, it is very important to get the food catered by the best people in the business.


  • The overall menu should be healthy, delicious, aromatic and appealing since it will be served to a wide variety of guests. Avoid putting choices that are too oily or spicy on your menu. You don´t want your guests to worry about an upset stomach.
  • Ask the caterer to have a tasting session with you and family before the final approval of the menu.
  • Take opinions and ideas from everywhere. Show your proposed menu to friends and seek their opinion so that nothing is missing or out of place.
  • Once you have selected a caterer, enquire if they are particularly known for any specialties. It´s a good idea to offer variety, but keep your budget in mind. You can either opt to serve food buffet-style or a more formal sit-down dinner.
  • It´s always wise to include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes in your menu to cater to both preferences.
  • The bar menu needs to be chosen very prudently to avoid any budget spillovers.
  • Make sure your caterer is fully supported with portable refrigeration and heating equipment, in case refrigeration and heating equipment is not provided at the reception venue. A caterer should provide an adequate staff of cooks, servers, and bartenders.
  • Presentation is another very important aspect. Well-presented and well-served food is always lapped up with extra delight. You can have a look at the pictures from your caterer´s previous parties to ascertain their presentation skills.
  • There is no harm in letting a few of your family favourites and traditional recipes find a place on the menu.


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