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Cakes and Drinks

Having a wedding cake is originally a western concept but has now been assimilated into the Indian wedding culture with ease, especially in cities like Delhi. In an Indian wedding a generous mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks is also served. The following tips can be helpful for planning cakes and drinks for an Indian wedding.


  • Wedding cakes can be ordered in different flavours, textures, sizes and colours. You can even decide on the toppings, icings and decorations.
  • You can choose the wedding cake colours depending on the overall colour-scheme of the wedding décor. The three or four tier wedding cake is a classic but you can also use your imagination in designing the cake. For instance, a multi-flavored, multi-tiered, square base, or even small individual cup cakes for each guest.
  • The wedding cake is cut after the main wedding ceremony is over. You´ll need attendants to deliver, preserve and serve the cake to the guests. Check if these associated tasks can be taken care of by your caterer.
  • Be sure to hire a reputed and trusted bakery that will deliver it fresh and on time. Place the wedding cake order in advance to avoid any last minute delays.
  • Another thing you need to decide on is whether you want an egg-less cake keeping in mind the sensibilities of your vegetarian guests.
  • Your-Wedding-DrinksAs far as drinks-arrangement goes, setting up a bar at a wedding is more cost-effective than serving at the tables.
  • Non-alcoholic drinks such as soft drinks, juices, almond milk, lassi and exotic mocktails can be served at all wedding functions.
  • While selecting the alcoholic beverages, keep in mind that you have to pay for the bartenders as well. So try to negotiate a package deal with your caterer.
  • Save money by serving second-shelf liquors instead of the most expensive top line spirits. You can also consider closing the bar during dinner time.
  • The general age-group of guests must be considered before planning for hard drinks. The younger generation tends to prefer rum, wine and vodka over whisky, which is preferred by older people.


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