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A Little Gift: Something Special on the Special Day

Party Pail WatchWanna buy something special for the Big Day and not sure what to buy? Here are some ideas…..


You’ve been planning for months and weeks, preparing your wedding day to be how you’ve imagined it since you were a little girl. You’ve thought of every detail: from the color of the bridesmaids dresses, to the type of fabric used on your tables—but have you thought of one other very special thing?


A simple gift to your future husband!


This could have easily been pushed on the backburner (after all, you’ve been running around trying to find the perfect shade of “something blue”), but it’s not too late! It’s such a wonderful idea to create a little something special for your groom for the day of your wedding. Not only does it remind him that this day is about the two of you, but it can help calm those last minute jitters.


So, what are some great ideas to give to your groom? First, you want to think of something personal, and thoughtful. This gift should let him know how much you care, and how excited you are to start this new life with him. Let him know just how much you appreciate him, and the love you have.


To get some ideas started, I have some quick gift starters for you to help think of something more personal for the two of you to share together:


A Love Note


These are so beautiful—and we don’t leave little love notes anymore with all of the technology we have! Let your love pour through these pages for him to read, and for him to smile. Let him know how nervous and excited you are to walk down that aisle to see him, and maybe add a little inside joke that just the two of you will know. He’ll keep this little note forever.


Boudoir Photos


Nothing is more personal than a little photo of you for only him to see. This doesn’t mean you have to strip—if you decide to do this, work with your photographer to keep it in the limits of your comfort. These can be really intimate, and can remind him that you’re all his.


Get it Personalized


What better idea to give your future husband, than a gift that is inscribed with your wedding date? You can inscribe your wedding date (or maybe inscribe a secret love message) onto almost anything. Here are a couple ideas:


  • Watch
  • Leather Wallet
  • Cufflinks
  • Leather Flask
  • Picture Frame


The ideas are endless here, which makes it easier for you to think of a gift that means something special for just the two of you. The more personal it is between the two of you, the better.


A Scrapbook


This one takes a little more time to create, but it’s a great idea to share with your groom. Creating a scrapbook of all the memories you both have shared together, leading up to this special day, can show him just how much he means to you. Not only that, but he’ll get to look at all the reasons why you’re both getting married, and can be that much more excited to see you walk down that aisle.


Think of including first dates, pictures of places you’ve both been to, quirky little moments the two of you have shared, and anniversary dates. Anything that the two of you shared is a great idea to include. At the end of the scrapbook, include a little love note as well.


Final Thoughts


Giving a gift to the groom on the day of your wedding is a long lasting tradition. Before the big day, you both should discuss if it’s something the two of you plan on doing—it’s perfectly acceptable to decide that the wedding is your gift to each other if you’re both feeling a little tight on money. If that’s the case, a simple love note will do the trick.


Just remember that the day of your wedding is about the two of you, and the love you share for each other. Try not to let the little mistakes (and there will be mistakes) that happen on your wedding day ruin the special day. The two of you are there for each other through thick and thin, and a little gift for your future husband can acknowledge just that.


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