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5 Tips for writing your wedding vows and marriage vows

Wedding vowsThe best wedding vows are written early. Marriage vows that are well prepared will be a good foundation to begin your marriage on.

To start writing what you will say to each other, it is first important to what these vows are. When you get married, tradition has been that you make certain promises to each other so that the strong love and emotion you feel at the time of the nuptials continues to last. Many times, couples will have fun with what they say as a reflection of their personalities. Whatever style best fits you as a couple is the way to go. My rule of thumb is that both must agree on the style of vows, but not necessarily exactly what is to be said.

Tip #1: Write down what you absolutely love about your fiancé. What is it about him/her that made you want to marry him/her? (if it because of the physical relationship, you may not want to mention that in your vows, especially if you are getting married in a Church). Let your pen flow and write down as many traits/qualities as you an. After you are done, write down the things that drive you crazy, the things you really could do without. This is important because the fact that you realize these things and still are Madly in love will bring real feeling to your vows.

Tip #2: Search the internet for other examples of wedding vows. There will be some that make you gag and some that you will adapt. I have included a good link at the bottom of this page to get you started. By seeing other styles you will start to realize how to personalize yours and your fiancés styles into your nuptials.

Tip #3: Write a draft, edit it, rewrite it. Do this step as many times as necessary to A) fit in the appropriate amount of time B) get exactly the final product you want. If you get frustrated in the process because you keep changing your mind, involve a close friend who knows you and your fiancé well and will speak to you directly.

Tip #4: Read it aloud to a close friend/relative. This step will help you hear out loud what you will hear on your wedding day. If you don’t have someone you want to say this in front of, record it either with a tape recorder or a video recorder.

Tip #5: Put it away for at least 2 weeks before the wedding day. This is important because you need time to let this sink in and focus on the other parts of planning for your wedding. It will also give you the opportunity to have true emotion come out as you may have forgotten some of the important parts.

If you get frightened speaking in front of others, keep your comments short. Remember, 1/2 of a type written page equals about 1.5- 2 minutes of time to read it.

Keep your focus on each other. Block out the other people there. You wedding vows are meant for each other more than anything else.


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